NONama MahasiswaNIMJudul TesisTanggal Ujian
1AdangA2K018002The Relationship between the Head of Service Leadership and Work Motivation with the Performance of Employees of the Education and Culture Office of Bengkulu Province26 Juni 2020
2HerlinaA2K018006The Influence of Work Discipline and Dedication to the Pedagogic Competence of Teaching Teachers at SMK Negeri Kota Bengkulu22 Juni 2020
3Indah SorayaA2K018007The Contribution of Principal Leadership and Organizational Climate to Teacher Performance in Guidance and Counseling (Correlational Study on BK Teachers at SMAN Kota Bengkulu)26 Juni 2020
4Rasidi YantoniA2K018009The Effect of Participatory Leadership and Work Discipline on the Performance of Teachers of SD Negeri, Padang Guci Hulu District, Kaur Regency26 Juni 2020
5Rikha KurniatyA2K018010The Influence of The Principal's Leadership and Organizational Culture on the Work Discipline of Teachers of SMAN Bengkulu City26 Juni 2020
6Yelvi HendriyatiA2K018015The Influence of Principal Leadership and Work Motivation on Teacher Performance in Teaching Bengkulu City Public High School26 Juni 2020
7Yenny HandayaniA2K018016The Relationship between Principal Innovation and Teacher Work Motivation to Mathematics Teacher Performance at SMP Negeri Kota Bengkulu22 Juni 2020
8Yuni LapitaA2K018017The Effect of Teacher Social Competence and Work Motivation on Teachers in Managing Classes in Junior High Schools in Muara Bangkahulu District, Bengkulu City22 Juni 2020
9Siti RohaniA2K017077Management of Development of Extracurricular Activities at SD Negeri 06 Rejang Lebong
10Agus HermawanA2K017001Evaluation Study of Guidance and Counseling Program Management at Bengkulu City State High School5 Mei 2020
11SupriyadiA2K017045Social Studies Learning Class Management in Strengthening Character Education (Qualttave Descriptive Study at SMP Negeri 23 Seluma)11 Mei 2020
12Yoga FirnandaA2K017054Referral School (Evaluative Study at SMKN 1 Bengkulu City)22 Juni 2020
13Anwar FathoniA2K017004Evaluation of the Implementation of the Computer-Based National Standard Madrasah Final Examination (UAMBN-BK) at Madrasah Aliyah throughout South Bengkulu Regency15 Mei 2020
14Sisih KurniasihA2K017042Cultural Management and School Environment at Bengkulu City State Junior High School 204 Juli 2019
15Yesti MurniA2K017053Management of Cultural Arts Learning at SMP Negeri 11 Bengkulu City (Kualittaif Descriptive Study)04 Juli 2019
16AgustiniA2K017003Class Management of Cultural Arts Subjects at Bengkulu City State Junior High School 104 Juli 2019
17LeniA2K017025The Influence of Self-Management and Work Culture on Teacher Performance at SMP Sekabupaten Rejang Lebong04 Juli 2019
18Apridianti Rahma TA2K017005Contribution of Principal Leadership Style and Organizational Culture to Teacher Teaching Performance (Correlation Descriptive Study at SMAN 4 Bengkulu City)04 Juli 2019
19Fetri HarneliA2K017013Teacher Discipline Development in Learning (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMPN Seluma)04 Juli 2019
20MarlenawatiA2K017030Fostering Teacher Professional Competence in Mathematics Learning (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMP Negeri 16 Seluma)04 Juli 2019
21AgmiantiA2K017057Application of Class Visit Techniques to Improve Teachers' Ability to Manage Classes (Research on Academic Supervision Actions on English Maple at SMAN 2 North Bengkulu)17 Desember 2019
22Desmi AfriantiA2K017058Evaluative Study of Entrepreneurship Competence of Heads of State Junior High Schools in Arga Makmur Subdistrict16 Desember 2019
23Dina MardianiA2K017059The Effect of Work Discipline and Work Stress on Teacher Performance in Learning (Regression study at SMA Negeri 1 and SMA Negeri 2 Argamakmur District)17 Desember 2019
24Iwan AsriA2K017065Management of Islamic Spiritual Extracurricular Activities (Rohis) in an Effort to Instill The Value of Students' Relegius (Qualitative Research at State High School 2 North Bengkulu)17 Desember 2019
25Mahdiana PobriniA2K017066Comparative Study of Principal Innovation in Equacular Activities at SMPN 01 and SMPN 04 North Bengkulu)16 Desember 2019
26Malvinas Rahman NurA2K017067Analysis of Religious Character Education Model in MAN 1 Lebong16 Desember 2019
27Novian MashuriA2K017069Effectiveness of Process Standard Implementation (Evaluative Study at SD Negeri 016 North Bengkulu)16 Desember 2019
28Nurhanifah SiregarA2K017070Effectiveness of School Administration Services for Teachers and Students at SMA Negeri 01 Bengkulu Utara (Evaluative Study at SMAN 01 North Bengkulu)17 Desember 2019
29Rahmatullah AhdaA2K017072Management of Physical Education, Sports and Health (PJOK) Teacher Classes, (Comparative Study between Teachers of SMPN 1 and SMPN 2 North Bengkulu)17 Desember 2019
30SabirinA2K017075Evaluation of the Implementation of the Character Education Program (PPK) at SMKN 7 North Bengkulu16 Desember 2019
31Sri Utami Dwi WahyuniA2K017078Effectiveness of Implementation of Standards for Facilities and Infrastructure for Science Subjects (Evaluative Descriptive Study at SMPN 02 North Bengkulu)16 Desember 2019
32SugiardiantoA2K017079Historical Study of leadership of SMK Negeri 2 North Bengkulu (1989 - 2018)16 Desember 2019
33SugiminA2K017080Evaluation of the Implementation of the Education Strengthening Program16 Desember 2019
34Susan OktariyanaA2K017081Management of German Language Learning (Comparative Study at SMA Negeri 01 Bengkulu Utara and SMA Negeri 2 Kota Bengkulu)17 Desember 2019
35Yantri MayasariA2K017085Learning Management in Curriculum Implementation 2013 (Evaluative Study at SDN 016 North Bengkulu)17 Desember 2019
36Yuni Rahmadani ManikA2K017086Integrating State Elementary School 210 with State Elementary School 208 in North Bengkulu Regency17 Desember 2019
37Yuni SatnawatiA2K017087Evaluative Study of Local Government Policies in the Appointment of Regional Auxiliary Teachers in North Bengkulu Regency16 Desember 2019
38YuniartiA2K017088Comparative Study of Extracurricular Management Between SMP Negeri 03 and MTs Negeri 01 North Bengkulu17 Desember 2019
39AdnanA2K017056Principal Academic Supervision (Descriptive Evaluative Study at MAN 02 Kepahiang Regency)18 Desember 2019
40FirmansyahA2K017060Student Behavior Management in Model Schools (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SDN 62 Rejang Lebong)18 Desember 2019
41HamidaA2K017061Leadership Style of the Principal of SD Negeri 62 Rejang Lebong (Evaluative Descriptive Study)18 Desember 2019
42HelmiA2K017062Implementation of The Principal's Social Competence (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMA Neegri 11 Rejang Lebong)19 Desember 2019
43Iwan Rio Darma Putra PA2K017064The Influence of The Transformational Leadership of the Principal and the Work Center on the Committee of Teacher Organizations at SMK Negeri Rejang Lebong Regency18 Desember 2019
44Natalyna Lumban ToruanA2K017068The Influence of The Principal's Leadership and Commitment to Teacher Performance in Learning in State Elementary Schools in selupu Rejang Region18 Desember 2019
45NurlelahA2K017071The Effect of Infrastructure and Work Motivation on the Performance of Teachers of SD Cluster 2 in Rejang Lebong18 Desember 2019
46Ratna JuaniA2K017073Learning Facilities for Physical Education Learning sports and health (Evaluative Study at State Elementary Schools in South Curup District)19 Desember 2019
47Ronald SanjayaA2K017074Managerial Competence of the Principal in Creating Effective Schools (Study at SMA Negeri 5 Rejang Lebong)19 Desember 2019
48SusiA2K017082Supervisory Guidance to Mathematics Teachers (Kualittaif Descriptive Study at SMA Negeri 7 Rejang Lebong Regency)19 Desember 2019
49WahyuningsihA2K017083Evaluation of the Academic Supervision Program of Elementary School Supervisors in Improving Pedagogic Competence of Teachers in Central Curup District, Rejang Lebong Regency19 Desember 2019
50YusniarsihA2K017089Infrastructure Management at SMAN 11 Rejang Lebong (Evaluative Study at SMAN 11 Rejang Lebong)18 Desember 2019
51Nurcaya MegawatiA2K017090Application of Principal Clinical Supervision to Improve Social Studies Teacher Performance in Learning at SMA Negeri 2 Rejang Lebong19 Desember 2019
52Agus RosadyA2K017002Academic Supervision at SMP Negeri Marga Baru (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMP Negeri Marga Baru, Musi Rawas Regency)9 Maret 2019
53Danang Setya AjiA2K017007Management of Facilities and Infrastructure for Learning Physical Education for Sports and Health at KARANG JAYA State High School, Lahat Regency9 Maret 2019
54Desti PermatasariA2K017009Management of the Natural Sciences Laboratory (Qualitative Descriptive Study at the State Junior High School 2 Kikim Selatan, Lahat Regency)6 Maret 2019
55EffrizalA2K017011Teacher Professional Development Financing (Case Study at SMP Negeri Muara Beliti Musi Rawas)9 Maret 2019
56Feri ApriancaA2K017012Implementation of Managerial Supervision of School Supervisors (Qualitative Descriptive Study in SMA Negeri Rupit, Muratara Regency)6 Maret 2019
57HafizurrahmanA2K017014The Principal's Situational Leadership Style (Qualitative Descriptive Study at Bingin Teluk State High School, North Musi Rawas Regency)6 Maret 2019
58Hansein Arif.WA2K017015The Principal's Role as an Administrator at Arrisalah Lubuklinggau Junior High School (SMP).6 Maret 2019
59HarmonensisA2K017016Direction of Participatory Leadership of Principals and Teamwork towards Teacher Performance at SMP Negeri 2 Sorolangun6 Maret 2019
60HasiahA2K017017The Influence of Principal Leadership and Teacher Motivation on Teacher Performance at Surulangun State High School, North Musi Rawas Regency9 Maret 2019
61IrmawatiA2K017019Scout Extracurricular Development at SMPN Terawas, Musi Rawas Regency9 Maret 2019
62Ishak JufriA2K017020Class Management Standards (Qualitative Desscriptive Study at SMP Negeri Exorbitant Musi Rawas Regency)9 Maret 2019
63Johan Juanda YudistiraA2K017021Principal's Entrepreneurial Competence (Qualitative Description Study at a State Junior High School in Tugumulyo Musi Rawas District)6 Maret 2019
64JumantoA2K017022Value Management Based on Information Communication and Tecnology (ICT) at SMP Negeri Sumber Harta, Musi Rawas Regency6 Maret 2019
65KameliaA2K017023Management of Academic Supervision by the Principal (Descriptive Study at SMAN Karang Dapo)8 Maret 2019
66Kartika SariA2K017024Learning Process Monitoring Management (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMA Negeri Rupit, North Musi Rawas Regency)8 Maret 2019
67Lilis KusumayantiA2K017026The Role of The Principal in Improving The Teaching Ability of Teachers (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMP Negeri Muara Beliti)8 Maret 2019
68Linda KusmayatiA2K017027Coaching Principals to Improve the Social Competence of Honorary Teachers (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMAN Karang Dapo, North Musi Rawas Regency)8 Maret 2019
69Lussi Arel AliyaA2K017028Fullness of PAUD Facilities and Infrastructure in Exorbitant District, Musi Rawas Regency6 Maret 2019
70MarlinaA2K017031Quality of Learning Development Planning (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMA Negeri 2 Muara Beliti, Musi Rawas Regency)9 Maret 2019
71Meri SilviaA2K017032The Influence of The Principal's Situational Leadership and Teacher Discipline on Teacher Performance at Muara Kulam State High School (Quantitative Study at Muara Kulam High School)8 Maret 2019
72Muhammad SyamsirA2K017035The implementation of Clinical Supervision can Improve Teachers' Ability in the Learning Process at SMP Negeri Pedang, Musi Rawas Regency, School Action Research9 Maret 2019
73Muhamad AriefA2K017033Comparative Study of Teacher Personality Competency Development by The Principal Between SMA Negeri Rupit and SMA Negeri 4 Baturaja6 Maret 2019
74NimranahA2K017036The Role of The Principal in Facilitating Teachers to Innovate Learning at SMP Negeri Megang Sakti (Qualitative Descriptive Study)8 Maret 2019
75PramudiyantoA2K017037Managerial Function of The Principal in Financial Management (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMPN Srimulyo Kabuapten Musi Rawas)8 Maret 2019
76Rina AgustiningsihA2K017038The Principal's Role as a Supervisor at SMP Negeri Megang Sakti, Musi Rawas Regency (Qualitative Descriptive Study at Megang Sakti State Junior High School)9 Maret 2019
77Riza SuryaniA2K017039The Role of the Principal in improving Teacher Teaching Discipline (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMP Negeri L Sidoharjo, Musi Rawas Regency)8 Maret 2019
78Ruspani SukmarA2K017040Implementation of Teacher Social Competencies at SMPN Taba Rena, Exorbitant District, Musi Rawat Regency 2019 (Descriptive Study at SMPN Taba Renah, Exorbitant District)9 Maret 2019
79SaprizalA2K017041Teacher Quality Development and Development (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMK Negeri 2 Lubuklinggau)6 Maret 2019
80Sumial BetriA2K017044Academic Supervision of The Principal in Improving Pedagogic Competence (Qualtacative Descriptive Study at SMP Negeri 1 Sarolangun)6 Maret 2019
81SurnawatiA2K017046Prakerin Management at PGRI Vocational High School, Lubuk Linggau City6 Maret 2019
82SyahrilA2K017048Personality Competence of School Supervisors (Qualitative Descriptive Study at Sarolangun District Junior High School)9 Maret 2019
83Untung SudarsonoA2K017049Scout Extracurricular Management (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMP Negeri B Srikaton)9 Maret 2019
84Vera Dwi PutriA2K017050Management of Facilities and Infrastructure (Skin Description Study at SMA Negeri Rupit, North Musi Rawas Regency)8 Maret 2019
85Vera Utami PutriA2K017051Implementation of the 2013 Curriculum in Physics Learning in High Schools in North Musi Rawas Regency (Qualitative Descriptive Study in High Schools in North Musi Rawas Regency)8 Maret 2019
86Yanwibowo FakhriA2K017052Management of Sustainable Professional Development of Teachers at SMA Negeri Surulangun and SMA Negeri Karang Jaya, North Musi Rawas Regency8 Maret 2019
87YuliaA2K017055Management of the Learning Resource Center (PSB) Computer Laboratory in improving the Quality of Learning at SMP N 2 Lubuk Linggau ( Qualitative Descriptive Study)8 Maret 2019
88Apen Putra UtamaA2K015033Management of the Vocational Package C Equality Program, Center for Community Learning Activities (PKBM) Science and Ecucation, Bengkulu City07-Feb-19
89Rahmat TanzilA2K016008Evaluation of Character Education Programs in Elementary Schools (Studies at State Elementary School 1 Bengkulu City)07-Feb-19
90Lena MaryaniA2K016024Management of Tah fizhul Qur'an PAUD IT Rabbani Bengkulu City06 Maret 2019
91Yogie Alpin PrasetyoA2K016043Pjok Facilities and Infrastructure Management (Qualitative Descriptive Study at SMK N 7 Bengkulu)06 Maret 2019
92Diyah Meily RaniwatiA2K017010The Influence of The Principal's Leadership Style and Teacher Work Motivation on the Performance of Teachers of State Junior High Schools in Muara Bangkahulu District, Bengkulu City24 Juni 2019
93Davit HerdiansyahA2K017008Innovation of the Head of Library in Improving Services (Qualitative Descriptive Study at the State Islamic Institute of Bengkulu)24 Juni 2019
94M. NuhA2K017029Sports Extracurricular Development in State High School (SMA) 2 Bengkulu City24 Juni 2019
95Muhammad IqbalA2K017034Management of Physical Education Learning for Sports and Health (Qualitative Descriptive Study at State Vocational High School 07 Bengkulu City)24 Juni 2019
96Ade Indriani PutriA2K019074The Effect of Academic Supervision and Teacher Participation in Subject Teacher Deliberation Activities (MGMP) on the Quality of Teaching Teachers in Vocational High Schools (SMK) Kaur District16 Des 2021
97AgustianA2K019080Implementation of the Policy of Independent Learning in Elementary Schools (Policy Study in Public Elementary Schools in South Kaur District, Kaur Regency)13 Nop 2021
98Didi Eko PramudayaA2K019086Student Management management in State Extraordinary Schools 1 Kaur16 Des 2021
99Eda YunitaA2K019090Competence of Supervision of Madrasah Heads in Improving Teacher Performance (Case Study In MIN 1 Kaur)16 Des 2021
100Elmi YunaitiA2K019071Implementation of School-Based Management (Case Study of Management of State High Schools 10 Kaur Pentagon, Kaur Regency, Bengkulu Province)12 Nop 2021
101Indra SutamaA2K019065Implementation of Health Protocols in Face-to-Face Learning in the New Normal Era (Case Study at SMP Negeri 8 Kaur Regency)12 Nop 2021
102JunitaA2K019081Sports Extracurricular Program Evaluation Study at SMP Negeri 1 Kaur.12 Nop 2021
103Langgeng SetyobudiA2K019076Quality Management of Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic at SD Negeri 1 Kaur13 Nop 2021
104MasyitahA2K019088Coaching Student Discipline in the New Normal Period Case Study at SMPN 16 Kaur16 Des 2021
105MustakimahA2K019067Management of Strengthening Student Character Education in Boarding Schools at SMP Negeri 35 Kaur (Qualitative Descriptive Study)13 Nop 2021
106NurhasanahA2K019068Evaluation of the Islamic Personal Development Learning Program (BPI) at SDIT Insan Kamil13 Nop 2021
107RipulisA2K019066Improving Teacher Professionalism at SMP Negeri 13 Kaur16 Des 2021
108RonalA2K019054Correlation of Teacher Discipline and Academic Supervision to Teacher Work Performance in North Kaur District Public Junior High School16 Des 2021
109RosdianaA2K019078Internal Quality Assurance System Cycle (Case Study at SDN 21 Kaur)12 Nop 2021
110SuandiA2K019079Comparative Study of Authentic Leadership of the Head of SMAN 1 Kaur and the Head of SMAN 10 KAUR12 Nop 2021
111Suryadi NingratA2K019063Performance of Academic Supervision of Early Childhood Supervisors in South Kaur District12 Nop 2021
112Syahrizon ArmidiA2K019055The principal's leadership in improving the performance of teachers at SDN 86 Kaur16 Des 2021
113SyaifuddinA2K019085The Effect of Teacher Performance and School Climate on the Quality of Academic Services at South Kaur State Junior High School16 Des 2021
114Tuti HarbimaA2K019083Refunctionalization of Family Education Management in Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Study on Parents of SDN 49 Kaur)13 Nop 2021
115AmeliaA2K019072Analysis of the quality of service of the Dormitory Board of SMA Negeri 10 Kaur (Pentagon) and SMA Negeri 11 Kaur Special Services12 Nop 2021
116DaswatiA2K019084Evaluation of science laboratory management of SMP Negeri 8 Kaur (With the use of the CIPP Evaluation Model from Stufflebeam)12 Nop 2021
117DesminiartiA2K019070Management of science laboratory at SMP Negeri 35 Kaur13 Nop 2021
118Epian GuniriA2K019057Evaluation of industrial work practice programs in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic (Case Studies at SMKN 6 Kaur and SMKN1 Kaur)12 Nop 2021
119Gusnita Herya FetriA2K019077Educational Innovation Management ( Case Study at SMKN 7 Technopreneur Mardeka Kaur Regency12 Nop 2021
120Nur HamidahA2K019089Student Satisfaction Level Towards Educational Facilities In Kaur District State MTs12 Nop 2021
121NurbaitiA2K019093Principal Performance in Academic Supervision16 Des 2021
122Okto KurniawansyahA2K019087Teacher Satisfaction with Educational Facilities and Infrastructure in State Elementary Schools in Padang Guci Hulu District, Kaur Regency16 Des 2021
123Puspa DewiA2K019073Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) at SMP Negeri 16 Kaur13 Nop 2021
124Reni ZulaikaA2K019075Implementation of free education policy at SMKN 7 technoprenour Medeka Kaur16 Des 2021
125Ringki OktoriA2K019061Fostering The Professional Competence of Inland Elementary School Teachers (Ethnographic Studies At SDN 124 Kaur)16 Des 2021
126SatarudinA2K019085Learning Process Management in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic (Case Study at SMA N 5 Kaur)13 Nop 2021
127Sepi ToniA2K019062effectiveness of learning management in the high classroom at SDN 39 kaur13 Nop 2021
128Siprian HadiA2K019060Development of Pedagogic Competence of Teachers of Islamic Religious Education Subjects by the Head of Skolah (Evaluative Descriptive Study at SMP N 3 Kaur)13 Nop 2021
129SobtidarmiA2K019069Evaluation of ppdb program of boarding school of SMAN 10 Pentagon Kaur13 Nop 2021
130SyalehjonA2K019091Dynamics of Sports Learning Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Case Study at SMPN 4 Kaur)13 Nop 2021
131ThamrinA2K019064The Relationship between Academic and Managerial Supervision of Supervisors to Teacher Teaching Performance (Correlation Study of Supervision Implementation and Teacher Performance in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic)12 Nop 2021
132Kadi SusantoA2K019022Analysis of internal Quality Assurance System at MAN INSAN Cendikia Bengkulu Tengah24-Sep-21
133Waras Adi PutraA2K019092Institutionalization of Religious Culture among Students of SMK Negeri 1 Bengkulu City (Ethnographic Studies at SMKN 1 Bengkulu City)07 Januari 2022
134SarnopensiA2K019059Managerial Competence of the Principal at SMA 5 Kaur15 Januari 2022
135Robi KurniawanA2K019082History of the Establishment of SD Negeri 126 Kaur Special Education and Special Services in Kaur District15 Januari 2022
136Melati PuspasariA2K020004Implementation of a Collaborative Supervision Approach in Improving the Professional Competence of Teachers of SMP Negeri 48 Seluma4 Februari 2022
137Suprinal HamidiA2K020009Projection of Training Needs for Prospective Principals in North Bengkulu Regency in 2022/20234 Februari 2022
138AsriA2K020001The Reality of the Appointment of the Principal of a State Elementary School in Ilir Talo District, Seluma Regency4 Februari 2022
139Usman AlamsyahA2K020040Dynamics of Primary School Implementation in the 3T area17 Maret 2022
140Andi IrawanA2K020025The Effect of Academic Supervision and Teamwork on Teacher Job Satisfaction in Junior High Schools in Sindang Kelingi Subdistrict, Rejang Lebong Regency17 Maret 2022
141Firman HamriA2K020026Implementation of Smart Indonesia Program (PIP) Distribution for Underprivileged Students in An Effort to Equalize Access to Education (Case Study at SD Negeri 41 Rejang Lebong in 2021)17 Maret 2022
142Marwan BukhariA2K020014Effectiveness of Using School Operational Assistance in Learning Activities at SMPN 11 Rejang Lebong17 Maret 2022
143Yenni ZulaizahA2K020037The Effect of Instrinsic Motivation and School Climate on Teacher Performance in Learning at Sekabupaten Rejang Lebong Junior High School17 Maret 2022
144SampurnahA2K020021The Contribution of the Principal's Leadership and Work Environment to Job Satisfaction of Junior High School Teachers in SBI Subdistrict, Rejang Lebong Regency17 Maret 2022
145AnharA2K020027Motivation and Discipline of Teachers During the Covid-19 Pandemic at SMP N 25 Rejang Lebong Regency17 Maret 2022
146MartinA2K020039Principal's Leadership Skills in Improving the Quality of Learning Services (Case Study at SMA Negeri 3 Mukomuko)18 Maret 2022
147KastawiA2K020003Teacher Discipline in Carrying Out Learning Tasks During the Covid-19 Pandemic at SMP Sekecamatan Talang Empat, Bengkulu Tengah Regency18 Maret 2022
148BellyA2K020038Evaluation of Industrial Work Practices in Order to Increase Employment in the Business World and the Industrial World at SMK Negeri 2 Lubuklinggau26-Apr-22
149Eni YuniartiA2K020023Management of Academic Supervision in Online Learning of Teachers of Social Studies Subjects26-Apr-22
151Syaidun WalkobriA2K020016Principal Supervision in Improving Teacher Teaching Discipline in the Era of Adapting to New Habits (Co-ordinative Study of SMPN 11 Rejang Lebong and SMP N 25 Rejang Lebong26-Apr-22
152InsiatiA2K020029Teacher Work Ethic in Online Learning at SMP N 20 Rejang Lebong (Descriptive Evaluative Study)26-Apr-22
153Riva Setiani DewiA2K020024Teacher Performance in Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic26-Apr-22
155Dhemi YessitaA2K020032Evaluation of The Calculation of Learning Countenance of the Normal Era and pandemic era for the projection of the New Normal Era Learning Model at SMP N 11 Rejang Lebong26-Apr-22
156SumiatiA2K020031School and Community Relations at SMP Negeri 11 Rejang Lebong Regency (Case Study)26-Apr-22
158Tri MurtilawatiA2K020036Guidance of School Principals in Improving the Teaching Ability of Indonesian Sign Language Teachers (Case Study at SLB Negeri Lubuk Linggau)26-Apr-22
159YupithaA2K020030Teacher Work Culture in Learning Management in the Era of Adapting To New Habits During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Ethnographic Study at SMP NEgeri 11 Rejang Lebong Regency)26-Apr-22
160WindartiA2K020022Analysis of Library Service Management at SMPN 11 Rejang Lebong26-Apr-22
161Emelia ContesaA2K020018Initiating the Management of Community Participation in the Implementation of Education at MSPN 36 Rejang Lebong26-Apr-22
162Tri NoviyantiA2K020015Application of Rewards and Punisment in Improving Student Discipline at SMP Negeri 11 Rejang Lebong26-Apr-22
163SepuanA2K020028Success Rate of Achievement of School Vision and Mission (Evaluative Study at SMP Negerei 28 Rejang Lebong)26-Apr-22
164MuslimahA2K020034Correlation of Teacher Pedagogic Competence and Utilization of ICT-Based Learning Media to the Quality of Student Learning at SMPN Sekecamatan Sindang Beliti Ilir, Rejang Lebong Regency26-Apr-22
165Kasi DarmantoA2K020033Transformational Leadership of Principals at SMKS 5 Development19 Mei 2022
166Nadia Nur IffanyA2K020044Management of Students during a Pandemic (Case Study in RA Humaira, Bengkulu City)19 Mei 2022
167Mutia SartikaA2K020045Evaluation of the Online New Student Admission Program (PPDB) at SMPN 4 Bengkulu City in 2021 (Study Using the Context Input Process Product Evaluation Model)19 Mei 2022
168Noni Darmawati S.A2K020043Management of Inquiry Education Learning in Children with Special Needs19 Mei 2022
169Reza KarolinaA2K020008Development of Fatma Kenanga Islamic Character School Elementary School Bengkulu City in 2014 - 202119 Mei 2022
170Andi AzisA2K020042Implementation of Religious Cultural Values in Fostering the Character of Santri (Case Study at Annakhil Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School 6 Mukomuko Regency)22 Juni 2022
171Tri Lesti HandayaniA2K020010Implementation of Educational Leadership Values in the Quran Surat Al Baqarah by principals at MIN 6 Seluma and SD Negeri 36 Seluma (Comparative Study at MIN 6 Seluma and SD Negeri 36 Seluma)22 Juni 2022
172MinarniA2K020041The Effect of Accountability and Transparency on the Effectiveness of Literacy Education Operational Assistance Fund (BOS) Management at the Community Learning Activity Center in Bengkulu City22 Juni 2022
173Amir AbasikinA2K020035The Principal's Entrepreneurial Leadership in Improving School Quality at SMPN Sindang Beliti District, Rejang Lebong Regency)22 Juni 2022